Mittwoch, Juni 03, 2015

Mending makes for a boring blogpost

Yet that is what I did most of last weeks sewing bits.

 The twins have had another groth spurt and the only thing that is getting longer is the torso. So none of the shirts the two have are long enough. The sleeves and the width is just fine, I'm just not into the show me your belly button look for small children (I don't like it with most grown up women either)

So at a fleamarket I bought 11 shirts second hand for about 20 Euro. Not bad. They all fit torsowise but the sleeves are way to long. So I started shorting sleeves on some of them, since E & M just don't like fold over sleeves. Geesh. Life would be so much easier.

I even spend 2 precious sewing hours at my sewing group trying to get my coverlock to cooperate. I had envisioned shortening all of the 11 shirts in the 2 hours, but I came home with 3 kind of shortened shirts. The yarn kept breaking and there were ugly holes and I had to rip out all of the coverseams and I was really annoyed as you might guess.

On the way home it dawned on me, that changing the needles might be the solution. So at home, I threw away the old needles, installed new ones and baaaam, the coverlock works just fine again.

So 3 shirts done. I needed a break after that and wipped out a very simple raglan shirt from an 2011 issue of ottobre for the twins out of fabric a fellow knitter gave me (it was already cut out in a bigger size. I guess her daughter outgrew the pink phase before my friend could finish the shirt).

(not the best picture but the kids are already in bed). There has already been a fight, whos shirt this is going to be. I take that as a good sign.

There's also a new knitting project on my needles.
Pattern: Stutzen by Amanda Scheuzger
Yarn: Dye for yarn, Merino-silk-fingering. To dye for :)

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