Samstag, Juni 25, 2016

Summerjackets of 2016

Just before we left for Mallorca I finished the girls jackets for this summer, after not beeing able to find lightweight cotton jackets in the store or at goodwill/fleamarket in the first place.
The pattern I used is Fee by Farbenmix and I'm really underwhelmed by this pattern.
There were so many issues, starting with the statement "add seamallowance" and not telling HOW much s.a. and when I used my standard 1,5 s.a. I didn't have enough fabric for the "coat" it was supposed to be, so I had to shorten the whole shebang.
Then no word on interfacing, not a single one.
The "coat" can be sewn reversible, so there's no back facing. So I drafted one myself (and interfaced that) and not a word on how to make a lining, so it doesn't rip when the jacket/coat is worn.

I'm so happy, that I learned to sew from a teacher, who taught us all those things, otherwise I would have been really disappointed with my final product.

I understand that companies do have to limit their wording in printed patterns but the company has a tutorial for this jacket on its website. There would have been so much digital space to put everthing in there, that I think is necessary to ensure a good product.

The jackets travelled with us to Mallorca, so that's why they are wrinkly in the pictures.
Fabric: From and Michas Stoffecke. The lining is from my stash.

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Saskia hat gesagt…

All in all I'm usually quite happy with my patterns from Farbenmix. But just like you, I know how to create a lining and facings. Just now I found that the lack of schematics of the back of a shirt by Farbenmix created some problems while sewing a shirt.