Samstag, Dezember 31, 2005

únbelivable but I made it in time

Hi from DK, where I spend new years eve with Maria.
Hard to believe but I sort of finished the quilt before leaving :) and Maria & Dennis like it ( it seems so or thez are good liars ;) ) Of course I sewed until the very last minute but now the quilt is off my chest I can actually think of making something to wear for me!

I admit I bought a small piece of fabric. I inherited an UFO from a sewing friend and it turns out to be a great jacket so I needed fabric for a pair of trousers to go with the jacket to have a suit and due to a flaw in the fabric I got enough for making a skirt too. These are going to be the next projects.

For the skirt and the trousers I'm going to stick with burda or Knip mode patterns... I'll try to remember to post a picture ( for those of you, who are interested )

Have a great new year and lot of sewing time

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