Donnerstag, Januar 05, 2006


Yeah, I cut out the fabric for my next project yesterday!

O.k. it is just the muslin for the pattern but still from stash.

I'm working on Vogue 7881

I don't know if this "add a picture" works with opera but otherwise I have to go to that darn IE...

I pinfitted the pattern but I think it will look different because I did not add so much ease ( stretch fabric ).

The fabric is some cheap stuff from ebay but I hope, that the trousers will be wearable! I need dressy trousers for my new job!

So far I did cut the pattern ( traced it first ) in a size 14, although the chart said 16... I added 1 cm to the front sideseam and it looked o.k. in tissue. I hope it will look good in fabric too!

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madhatter hat gesagt…

quilts are GREAT to reduce stash.... and so are handbags... *grin*

the pants look good on the picture, though i think they sit on the waist... (wouldn´t work for me, i need room for my "stomach") ;)
but it looks very professional and distinguished. do you sew a matching jacket to wear with it?