Montag, März 27, 2006

Need instant gratification?

then sew a pillowcase....

I really did not feel like working on my challenge project today.
We had a small thunderstorm here and I felt very "bla", so I decided to work on my
uwyh-project No. 5 the pillowcase.
In about 30 minutes I was done and that includes rethreading the serger...
I used the same method of installing a zipper to the back of the pillowcase, that I use when installing a zipper to a pair of trousers.
The fabric is a silk remnant from my stash. The other part was used to make my friend Maria a purse for her wedding. The motives are made by me too... The stamps are from blauweisschen and the paint is also from stash ( another thing I needed for Marias wedding quilt )

so, project no. 5 is done... back to project no. 1

1 Kommentar:

madhatter hat gesagt…

schön :)
obwohl lila nicht meine farbe ist.
aber das gestempelte schaut echt toll aus, respekt! bei mir hätte es vermutlich überall "gesaut".

verführerisch... vielleicht doch mal blauweißchen-shoppen? hmm.... aber erst im mai, denn april ist ja use-what-you-have... ^^