Freitag, April 14, 2006

The design challenge is over

AND I finished my dress... YEAH!!!! HOOORRAAY!

Here is the story behind my dress ( I already posted it in German on the hobbyschneiderin but I guess it is nicer for the English speaking people around, to be able to read it too....

The theme of the design challenge was Berlin.
o.k. capital of Germany ( and a town in New Hampshire :) )
I have to admit, that I have never been to Berlin ( Germany, I was close to Berlin New Hampshire though ) so I started thinking what to do with the white cotton satin, that was the fabric for the challenge. PLUS there had to be a new technique included. oh yeah...

First idea: Madeleine Vionett. Let's make something from the 20s. Roaring 20s, Berlin was one of the hippest towns in Europe ( or the world ) back then.
Great idea. I found cool pictures in the net...
BUT I just can not draft a pattern. I'm simply too stupid ( or I do lack the patience for drafting... I don't know )

Next idea was going even farther back in time to the prussian empire and make the dress of princess Auguste Victoria But therefore I would have needed more fabric ( I guess 20 meter ) and a lot more time...
So I googled about Berlin and it's history.
I knew, that there was an air-bridge ( or whatever that is called in English ) to help the people in Berlin in 1948/49, when the Russians closed all other ways to Berlin. So I went for that style, as an homage to the people, who helped the people of Berlin at that time!

The pattern was easy
that is the Folkwear glamour girl dress.

Next: new technique:
Dying fabric with plants. In my case elderberry juice.
That produces a pink colour but a very toned one. The colour was great but I had "patterns" on my fabric, so what to do?

Luckily I already had signed in for a class in "printing fabric with wooden stamps" at blauweissen. So I put this nice leave-motif onto the fabric

Next I tried dying with the elderberry juice again. The colour was the most ugly colour you can imagine ( dead pig! ) so I used normal dye to overdye the colour. Unfortunately I still have a misdyed spot....

Here I am :) Wearin a looong hair wig and looking very 40s I hope


madhatter hat gesagt…

the dress is very nice :)

in spite of this i´d love to having seen you in that auguste-victoria-costume! ;)
next time?

Tini hat gesagt…

Next life? I still have my "Tournüre" to be sewn... 20 Meter of cotton batist are still waiting but I need to sew another corset... And I really don't want that :)

madhatter hat gesagt…

*i´m patient*