Dienstag, Juni 20, 2006

new avatar picture poll

Hi honeys,

I have been to a cosmetic store yesterday, where they had a good offer:
professional makeup with 1 professional picture for 10 Euro...
I took 6 pics :) but my mum paid ;)

so I'm going to change my avatar.
Please help me choosing the best pic :)


Sew hat gesagt…

I like no.1 and 2, but they don´t show the Tini I know. Cool and stylish, but not natural.

No.3 and 4 are Tini, but no.5 is too much "baby on the ice-bear´s fur".

sue v hat gesagt…

I like 3,

stern11e hat gesagt…

i also think no. 3 is best.
it`s nice, it`s you, it doesn`t seem artificial in any way... and i generally prefer "not-looking-in-the-cam-pix" :)


madhatter hat gesagt…

i like the third best.
this makes you look so... *jenesaispas*

and your eyes look best on this!
it´s just *wow* :)

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Mhm.. elvish? Only without the pointy ears? ;)
I can't decide, I like no. 3 and no. 4.. both are very good.
No. 1 I thought, oh, the 80s are back.. *ggg*

Cambric Tea hat gesagt…

#3 is so beautiful and classic!

I also like #5. I'm in the minority here, but I really like "looking into the camera shots". It's my little preference though so I'll defer to the group and vote


Gigi hat gesagt…

I like the 2nd one from the bottom. You look like a glamorous pixie!

Maria hat gesagt…

I Love them all! The second (with the glasses) remind me of Tini the fun - the fifth is sweet Tini... But I love them all!
Great pictures!

hugs and loves!

charlotte hat gesagt…

I like the one with the glasses. you're like a filmstar! dressing up can be so much fun.

number 4 is the tini I know.

now it's up to you, glamour or natural look?

Anonym hat gesagt…

I think # 3 or maybe # 4.
Actually #3 is great.

Vicki hat gesagt…

I like number 2 (the one with the glasses)- very cool