Freitag, Juni 30, 2006

new haircolour and new sewing project

Hi honeys,

still ill here... I went to work yesterday and felt awfull, so I spend a couple of hours at my doctor.
I'm not allowed to do anything until wednesday. NOTHING!
argh... I think, a little sewing is allowed though...
I nearly finished the gift for the PR weekend, which I still hope to be able to attend...
So I'm off to a new project. A knit wrap dress

Picture & copyright by onion, denmark

The fabric is a nice colourfull print jersey ( by HILCO ) that I got from Exclusive Stoffe ;) Sabine is sooo nice >here you can find her online store

That is the one I got but in light blue :) COLOUR

AND my fabric swap parcel arrived today and I have already swapped :)
klick here

There you can see, that I got rid of some of my blues & blacks and got all the pinks :)

The pink actually my haircolour. See here ( without makeup very unglamorous... Keep in mind. I'm ill ...)

1 Kommentar:

madhatter hat gesagt…

like the red highlights :)
looks good - with or without makeup *g*

nice dress, you´ll need a lot of "formband", i think ^.^

get well soon!