Mittwoch, Juni 21, 2006

Weird garden stuff & ottobre jacket

o.k. all of you are posting great pictures of flowers from the backyard etc... so I thought I just show you some pics of my clematis, which is supposed to look like this

somehow that does not work on my balcony so it looks like this

There are good news "sewingwise". I finished the ottobre jacket. Completely UWYH.
The lining is from the 20 meter of cotton satin, that is in my stash... Now there are just 17 meter left!

A review will follow on patternreview!
On special request from our dearest madhatter a picture from the embroidery, that I added to the pockets!


madhatter hat gesagt…

wonderful jacket, i really like this on you.
looks great :)
may i have a close-up of the pockets? seem to have embroidery on it, right?

suuuupi :))

Tini hat gesagt…

jupp, I need to use my embroidery machine more often :)
its a kind of celtic symbol...
I will take a close up...

madhatter hat gesagt…

looks *very* cool. maybe i should use my embroidery machine, too... never did it, to be honest.

anyway, thanks for the closeup, looks very stylish :)

Kerstin hat gesagt…

That looks great.. sometimes I envy you for your embroidery machines... maybe when I've found my millionaire or win the jackpot, I'll get one, too.
Did you lengthen the jacket? I've got the Ottobre, too, but I didn't try a pattern yet, because they didn't write down the length of the clothes.