Sonntag, Juli 02, 2006

Onion: Kind of wearable muslin

if I wear it amongst friends..

I received the "fabricswap" parcel from "Die hobbyschneiderin" on friday and found a nice jersey in there, which was perfect for a muslin.
Just a little short, so I cut the pattern at the hiplevel and made a shirt.
I'm not satisfied with the collar. First my upper collar grew while attaching and the way how to attach the collar was unclear.
I even called Maria in DK to ask if I got the translation right...
But still the way was uhm not clear, so I attached it, as I thought it was right.
I guess my interfacing for the lower collar is too firm, so it stands out funny.
The neckline is gaping. I'll need to fix that plus I guess it is too small around the hips altough my measurements are exactly a M-size and I blended from the S I cut out at the top to a M at the hip level.

I'm going to make the dress a faux wrap dress. I don't want to spend 40 Euro on a dress I won't wear. I'm going to leave the collar off and will look at Sandra Betzinas Power Sewing for help about the gaping neckline...

Here is a picture


Kerstin hat gesagt…

You're right, the collar looks funny, a little bit stiff. Where there two pattern pieces for it? One for the upper and one for the under collar?

Maria hat gesagt…

Hi Sweetie

The gaping neckline:
two fixes:
First don't use the pattern piece for the length - calculate it like I described in my review.

Second (if you already did that with measuring): maybe try the "hollow chest alteration" in FFRP page 131 - it will work even if you don't have a hollow chest :-)


cmarie12 hat gesagt…

Tini ~ unless you are absolutely in love with the collar, remove it. Without it the blouse will still make a wonderful top. As for the gaping did you try a little clear elastic? That will tighten up the neckline without visiably changing it.

Tini hat gesagt…

carolyn, that is a great suggestion. I'm just making top/dress/tunic no. 2 and will add clear elastic :) And I will try to add some to the striped version as the neckline is gaping like hell, when I'm sitting down.

Maria, thanks for the info :)

Kerstin, nope. Just one pattern piece ;) PLUS the upper collar grew while sewing, so I guess I need more "Formband" which is bias cut interfacing

Marietta hat gesagt…

it is a shame about the collar. The shape and the fabric are great on you. Try staystiching on a strechy neckline is also helpfull - use it as a slight gather stitch - like an ease stitch on a princess seam. as for the collar - might just be too big for you. if you like the style, then trim it down in a woven fabric and see how that looks before using the jersey.
you want wear the collar, not let it wear you :)

du bist so fleissig! auch wann du krank bist!