Mittwoch, Juli 05, 2006

PR weekend, I'm coming & finished onion dress

I simply did not went to the doctor today.
I'm feeling a lot better and if I take it slow, there should be no problem :)

Here is another thing, I prepared for the weekend

THe dress is done and I'm not really happy.
First: Weird folds
Second: not the right colour... too muted I guess

Maybe it is one of those dresses, that need to be worn a couple of times ( as DH said " to the beach!" ) before getting better...


Karina hat gesagt…

Hi Tini,

just taking the opportunity to say "Thank you" again for the effort sending out the things (including the iron-on-design)you got from Deepika.
Got my T-Shirt done as well :-)

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Please don't kill me but.. it looks like a perfect nightgown.
I think it's the fabric not the pattern.

madhatter hat gesagt…

think that, too. that fabric seems to be too ... hmmm... *jenesaisquoi*...
don´t you think this would look better with a woven fabric, maybe cut on bias?

are that glittering stones on your t?

Tini hat gesagt…

It's a kids fabric and sooo soft :)
I guess in a brighter blue it would look nicer ( I'm a summer/winter mix)
The pattern is for knits, I guess with a woven I had to alter tooooo much.
The stones are not crystals but kind of iron on studs ( tiny ones though ). We got that transfer last year from Deepika ( didn't make it in time, so we are hopefully wearing our t-s this year...)

Kerstin hat gesagt…

I had problems with wrap shirts, too. Made one from Knip, which looks nice but has strange folds in the under part of the front. But on the picture in the magazine there were the same folds. It had nothing to do with my "character" or my figure! ;)

The fabric is sweet, maybe it's just the combination.