Donnerstag, Juli 13, 2006

PR Weekend: Ugly fabric transformed

At our annual ugly fabric swap I was lucky again and did score some coool knit.
I believe it is 100% petro :) but the print is fun :)
Plus I got a great 1971 butterick dress pattern that was perfect with the print, so I started sewing on tuesday ( came back on monday ) and finished ( o.k. no hem yet but I don't use the serger after 10 p.m.)
I really like it

Got a pic of me in the tunic


Karina hat gesagt… that worked quite wicked! really cute!

Kerstin hat gesagt…

The perfect pattern for this fabric!

madhatter hat gesagt…

pretty cool fabric - reminds me of the 70es and james-bond-movies. i LOVE it! *whisper* do you think it fits me? *hihi*

and... WHEN did you sew this? are you working at night? damn, you´re quick!

Marietta hat gesagt…

that is fantastic - a little polyester never killed anyone

mangetsu hat gesagt…

Very interesting this could be considered to be ugly.
Perfect pattern for this fabric, you've made a nice dress of it!

Melissa hat gesagt…

This so looks like you! Great style on you. I like the glasses too! Melissa