Dienstag, Juli 18, 2006

something for DH

While sewing for the triplet ( see post below ) I happend to get out some dark teal jersey out of my stash to use as binding & to cut another baby shirt out of it, when DH commented, that he really liked the colour, so I decided to make a pair of retro shorts for him
The pattern is from a Danish book, Maria Denmark send me the pattern and DH loves it.
I have reviewed it here at PR.
I cut on the chasing for the elastic instead of sewing it to the fabric. I really prefer it this way. I need to get Heiko to let me take a picture of it with him in it :)

I doubled the front piece and use the so called sandwich-method to attach it. basically you just roll up the leg-pieces up and sandwich them between the 2 front parts. This way, you get a clean finish

I did not have enough teal jersey, so I took another one as "lining"

DH really likes his retro shorts :) and I have a happy husband with a small amount of work. Plus another small piece of stash gone.... baby steps

I'll hem the shorts tomorrow and will cut out another pair out of a striped jersey tomorrow or thursday. Every inch counts :)

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Kerstin hat gesagt…

Cute.. err... very fancy!
But first I thought, what cHAsing does she mean? Chasing him around in his undies? *fg*