Donnerstag, August 03, 2006

Onion 3023 part II

It seems, that I can't upload more pics....

so this is part two

I pressed the white fabric towards the dark blue

serged the s.a. & pressed again. Pressing is really an essential part!

and topstiched everything

Next step are the inverted box pleats... the pics are somewhat blurry, I really need a tripod....
I marked the "ending" points with pins. These snips mark the folds.

bring the two pins together and mark the fold with another pin

Now, bring one of the outer needles to the pin in the middle, creating a fold. Make sure, that all the fabric on the long edge is alined

Do this with the other side too. Pin the pleats in place

and baste ( I machine basted the pleats )
see picture here ( again no more pics allowed as it seems )

Next serge the side seams or finish as wanted.
Sew one of the sides closed and press as described.
The other side: sew the sideseam until notch, baste above and press as described.
Next insert zipper. I handpicked mine.
Here are two tipps I learned from the Claire Shaeffer books.
First: mark the zipper and the skirt, match the markings ( see the white threads? that is from that)
Second: Use double sided fusible or wondertape to baste in place for an easy insertion
and here is the pic

Next step was adding the waistband but I forgot to take pictures.
Now I just have to hem the skirt and post a review and a pic :)
Hope that was a little helpfull...

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