Freitag, August 11, 2006

Thank you :)

Thanks to all of you, writing me Emails or comment here.
I'm still very very sad, having lost a friend, but
she wanted to go and nothing would have stoped her.

Haven't sewn this week but today I got a parcel form Jodi ( who has no blog as far as I know, so no link to her ). I mailed her some fabric some time ago and we decided to make a swap :)
I got the most gorgeous fabrics plus an AMAZING NECKLACE, that Jodi has made HERSELF!

Besides getting parcels I was knitting on my socks ( picture yet to come ) and I'm trying to master my embird embroidery programm :)

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madhatter hat gesagt…

wonderful gifts! and the necklace matches the blue fabrics! kew³l!