Dienstag, Oktober 17, 2006

small wonders

Hi honeys,

I'm pretty busy AGAIN.... one day life will slow down ( I hope )
I haven't been sewing much, but managed to cut out the interlining for the corset for my Eowyn dress and made a purse.
I wanted to make a real good purse for a knitter but somehow version 1.0 failed today in the field testing.... so I won't bother you with the details :(

BUT yesterday I expirienced a small wonder. I don't know how many of you know, that I had an eating disorder, so the way I feel about my body varies a lot but in the end I always think, that I'm too fat.
On saturday I bought a new pullover and wore it to work yesterday and got a whole bunch of compliments. I went to the ladiesroom and while washing my hands ( beeing a good girl :) ) I thought, yes I do look slim.
WOW... I mean I know, that I'm not overweight but if I compare myself to everybody else I feel fat. So that was really a small wonder.
Not that I feel slim tonight ( I had diet crisps... ) but it's a starting point :)


Anonym hat gesagt…

no wonder, just the truth. you ARE slim. i saw you in aachen and wondered WHERE you want to lose weight. but maybe theres a strange place behind your ears that may weigh tons and tons? ;)

what was wrong with the bag? and... is it a project bag or what?
just curious....

Abi hat gesagt…

Tini, wondered how you were? Settling into home I hope.
Slim you are , and it is the flashes of insight that keep you grounded.