Freitag, November 03, 2006

Addition to our family ( Familienzuwachs)

happy hello tonight,

our kittens moved in with us this evening. They are sooooo cute. After looking around for 2 minutes and beeing removed from the kitchen desk by me ( beeing the strict one here), they headed for the guest bathroom window and they stayed there until now...
I took 3 bad pics but I guess not so nice pics are better than none :)

Hallo allerseits,

unsere Kater sind heute abend bei uns eingezogen und sie sind sooo süß. Nachdem sie ungefähr 2 Minuten durch die WOhnung getapert waren und von mir von der Küchenarbeitsfläche verscheucht wurden ( ja, ich bin gemein..) haben die beiden sich auf die Fensterbank des Gästeklos zurückgezogen. ich hab 3 schlechte fotos, die ich Euch trotzdem zeige :)


Gigi hat gesagt…

Tini, they are so adorable! It's so good that you got two so that they can play. I'm sure they are feeling right at home by now. Give them big kisses from Tante Gigi!

anea hat gesagt…

Tini, I really envy you. I would so love to have a cat again!

Have a lot of fun!

Adam hat gesagt…

Hey Tini! Ya Fabric arrived here and it´s so coooooool! Thank you for the nice card, too! It made me really happy.
the cats look nice. How did you call them now?
Have a nice WE!

Karina hat gesagt…

Well, what can I say, I'm a cat-person... and the two are absolutely cute. I envy you....(can't have cats where I live now..too close to the road and lost one darling already!)
Enjoy them!

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Ups, my latest comment got lost.

These are two cuties!