Donnerstag, November 23, 2006

Still unwell

>I've been ill the whole last week :( Bronchitis and an infection of the kidneys.
So no work but stitting in front of the TV and knitting. I did not feel like sewing, so
that gives you a hint, how unwell I was.

I nearly finished the hedera socks, finished the baby socks for Annemieke and started
the socks for the savior of my laptop

Yes; I totalled my laptop. Just got it back from Titus today ( and got my serger back from a desperate sewing sister ) and will say thank you by knitting him some socks. Black & simple they
should be, so that won't take too long. I already knitted 1/2 of the first sock and I started yesterday...

I did make however a muslin for a new pair of trousers.
I'l make a scan of the linedrawing tomorrow when
DH is at work. 

Work will start again on monday, so I figured out, that I really can
 go to our sewing bee on saturday and sew my trousers. 
I wanted to make a spiral felt scarf but I could not go to
the shop to get the gridded vilene, so that will have to wait. 

I also ventured into dyeing wool with Kool Aid. FUN FUN FUN.
A tutorial will be online at in january.

Hi honey,


Kerstin hat gesagt…

Sorry to hear, that you are still unwell. Bronchitis is a real bother..
But you've seem to be really busy! So many socks.. a new addiction? ;)

Abi hat gesagt…

See you are not back to par , wishing you a speedy recovery.
I see you are getting deeper in to the dark side( Knitting , lace socks...........dyeing yarn)Watch it , a spinning wheel may yet beckons.

Tini hat gesagt…

Abi, I do own a drop spindel and have roving here :) Just not enough patience to learn it alone... I need a class ( and 2 hours without cats ;) for dropping the spindle without chasing cats away ;) )

Kerstin hat gesagt…

After a serious fabric addiction now a new wool addiction?
Oh dear.... throw away the Buttinette catalogue... ignore the Junghans Wolle site...
My fabric store offers some wool.. I think, this is unfair. ;)

madhatter hat gesagt…

kool aid dyeing IS fun. :)

too bad it´s kind of hard to get it if you´re not used to online shopping or if you don´t know someone abroad.