Samstag, Dezember 30, 2006

Just using a minute of silence to keep you updated

Hi everybody,

I hope you all had a great holiday, if you celebrate christian/pagan holidays ( not sure when Hanuka is exactly... but I learned that Diwali, a Hindu holiday was already in October ).

We had a pretty stressless holiday, which was not expected:
We drove up north to my in-laws on dec. 23rd to have lunch and dinner with Heikos parents, his sister & siblings as well as Granny in law and Heikos uncle and aunt.
In the afternoon we went to see Heikos godchild :)
On christmas day we went to church ( Schleswiger Dom ), boy was it
a) cold
b) crowded
c) boring

The mics weren't working, we couldn't see anything and the youngsters to be confirmed gave a social-critical play.... not the thing to do at 3 p.m. with loads and loads of young children.

Santa was pretty busy at our house :)
I got a lot of stuff ( get a coffee and lay back...)

-radiant new york beauties obviously Santa didn't hear me say, that I will never ever quilt again
- The Novice by Trudy Canavan I'm just reading the first volume of this triology... great
- Stuff for the garden like a hose and a pair of scissors for roses ( now we just need the roses )
- beauty stuff like masks and toner ...
- wine lessons
- pride and predjuce in the 1995 version
- Loreena McKennit CDs
- A ringbook, that a friend of mine bound herself ( I guess )
- wild magic audio book by tamora pierce
- a haircurler
-bubble bath and lip balm from the body shop ( cranberry.... jummy)

See tons of stuff.

But I was also busy sewing and finished my xmas pj just 2 days after xmas...

My sewing tally isn't that bad, if you keep in mind, that I purchased 54 meter in december alone:

I purchased nearly 77 meter in 2006 and sewed up nearly 52 meter... not too bad :)
We installed the curtain rods in the living room tomorrow, so next thing beside my NY NY challenge outfit ( Charlotte, I need the fabric...) will be curtains... boooring but that will mean 12 meter for the PR stash reduction contest.... yeah...

So, have yourself all a great new years eve and a great 2007!!!


Karina hat gesagt…

I gave the Black Magician Trilogy to my daughter last Christmas. She said she enjoyed it and therefore it's still on my "to read" list.

A Happy New Year to you!

madhatter hat gesagt…

yes - radiant new york beauties is a must-have! i own it, too and the wallhanging i started really looks pretty good (you know - SHARP points... *gg*)
unfortunately it´s hard to copy the larger sized patterns if you don´t have a good copy-shop nearby and if they don´t want to use YOUR paper instead of their "normal" one.

charlotte hat gesagt…

the fabric went to the postoffice on saturday, together with a little end-of-the-year-present;-)
I started sewing today. tomorrow I will have to alter it...*sigh*

Lorna hat gesagt…

Tini, thanks for the hint about the Pfaff ... I didn't get it after all. I have a walking foot already for my old Singer and love it!

I also got the Loreena McKennit CD for Christmas! Isn't she great? Thanks for peeking in on my blog ...

Summerset hat gesagt…

Loreena McKennit! I like her, too! Santa was very good to you - what a great gifts. You must be a happy girl!