Samstag, Januar 20, 2007

Blogroll treasures Part III

o.k. I really should introduce my other blogroll treasures :)
Don't miss part I and part II

I discovered Villain Extraordinaire thru "a dress a day" where her gorgeous Duro-dress was shown. She has a very cool style and I love to read about her knitting and sewing ( and about her studies and so on ;) )

A dress a day is about dresses, who would guess... It is a very inspiring, fashionable and hilarious funny blog to read :) esp. if you like vintage dresses. Even though my 50's dress is still on hold because I have 2394320948320984 other projects going on I read the blog often.

Superb sewers is despite the English title a German blog by co-hosted by Karin & Adam. Adam is a trained tailor, who just finished his apprentice ship and Karin is a skilled hobby-sewist, which a unconventinal way of working. She is well known for last-minute sewing. I met both in Aachen and they are very outgoing and cool!

Elfen und Kampfzwerge is one of my daily must-reads. Another German blog this time co-hosted by "Elfeelfe" Kerstin ( Helping-elf) who got a master in clothing-engineering and hates welt-pockets and "Kampfzwerg" Charlotte (battledwarf) a teacher with a great eye for colors and embelllishments.

I think I have mentioned Pins and needles a couple of times but again, Summersets work is outstanding. Like The Sewing Divas I'm constantly in awe of the great skill and work. Summerset has a great eye for style and I love her classic look, that always has "a twist". Geesh I would love to have her sense of style... sigh..

o.k. enough for today. Don't miss visiting all the links above!


Kerstin hat gesagt…

Elfeelfe? A double elf? ;)
I'm not sure if it is "fighting dwarf" oder "combat dwarf"... let Charlotte decide! :D

Summerset hat gesagt…

Danke! Thanks for mentioning me - I just make whatever I'm struck by! Glad you like it!

suev hat gesagt…

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sue v

suev hat gesagt…

oops, sorry tini, i didn't see you had already been tagged.

adam hat gesagt…

Oh, I´m so honored that you write about us...we´re cool? That´s really cool *g*...merci and greets to SH ;-)


not-battledwarf hat gesagt…

I decide, that I am not dwarfy at all. and I stole your blogroll idea, shameless me. *giggle*

Villain hat gesagt…

Thanks so much for the link! I'm glad to know that you enjoy looking at my little escpades...