Freitag, Januar 26, 2007


Hi honeys,
do you remember the rules of the NY NY challenge??

One of the rules was to write a diary during the process of sewing/designing.

So, here is mine:


My inspiration is this jacket from Gwen Stefani for L.A.M.B.

I don't like her music but I love the edge of the jacket. These triangular cuttings and the double layer of the facing is just too cool.

The pair of trousers are uhm very much not me. Too skinny and my legs are everything but not skinny, so I'm going to pair the jacket ( out of this silk ) with a pair of wide legged trousers ( think Marlene Dietrich ) and some fancy shmancy top, for which I do not have any inspiration at all.

First thing:
The trousers

O.k. it is new years and I decided that it is time to start on my project. I have already decided on the pattern for the trousers:
Model 111 from burda WOF 09.1998

Pair of trousers with a wide cut and a small leather waistband are combined into a rustic chic...

dark green stretch something bought summer 2006 in Roskilde DK. Has wonderfull drape.

For the lining I'm using this fabric ( bought 2005 or so at wazoodle and is rayon or poly and very loud)

Construction notes:
I hate hate hate hate hate welt pockets.
I'm so unhappy with the whole pair of trousers. It's legs are just not wide , the welt pockets look crooked ( even though I practiced them a lot ) and gap open.
The humps and bumps on the side seam are nearly gone after re-steaming with the iron but there is this weird fold at the zipper.
I'm not sure if I would wear such a bad made item to a NY fashion show...

And this is the lined pair of trousers

A pic of the finished trousers will follow soon


Sew hat gesagt…

Woooooeewww! I love the lining!

Kerstin hat gesagt…

I've told you, welt pockets could never be friends! Why does nobody believe me? *sigh*

chopsewy hat gesagt…

Beautiful trousers, the lining is just gorgeous! I like the idea of wearing such a colourful fabric on the inside of a garment.