Samstag, Februar 10, 2007

Making a corset: Part III The foundation

Wow, I had a GREAT day today.

7 hours of sewing with 19 other sewing addicted. Ute brought her corset for me to try on and see: it fits ( no pics of me in her corset due to BAD HAIR DAY ), so no need for a muslin! I simply added 1.5 cm on top and then I started cutting out

( We changed fabric plans, so the denim will be a lining and foundation. I simply cutted the denim twice. Ute decided that the home dec fabric made me look ill and does look waaay to much like underwear, so we switched to the red linen I had brought with me for no good reasons. You might recognize it, it's from our curtains.)

It's essential to mark all patterns carefully. I used a sharp piece of soap to mark the top of every pattern and to write down the number of the pattern piece to the fabric, as well as cutting the notches

I have to admit, that took most of the time today (o.k. walking around, drinking coffee and chitchat with the others took some time too ;) )

Next I machine basted the two layers of denim together, so that I could treat them as one afterwards. Then I sewed the patternpieces together, carefully matching the notches.
I made the pieces with the bust-gussets last. Herefore I carefully marked the point where I had to stop sewing.

I than carefully sewed from the point upwards matching the notches (or cuts in my case) then repeated that on the other side of the gusset. I trimmed the lower part of the s.a. so that I could press the seams open. Then I flipped the lower edge upwards and pin-basted the rest of the seam, which I closed beeing carefull not to stitch a stitch longer that the start of the gusset seam ( sorry no pic. I'll take one when making the outer shell)

After sewing each seam you have to press the seams open well.
And here is the result of the day ( I made both sides but just took the pic of one..)

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Summerset hat gesagt…

Awesome! It looks great. I like the idea of a red corset with denim lining - very different and unexpected. You'd expect to see a denim corset with a red lining!