Freitag, Februar 09, 2007

Making a corsett: Part Ia "All you notions"

>>>( sorry just listened to "all you zombies" by "The hooters" and could not resist.
Tomorrow is our "Muschelschubser" ( that means seashellpusher ;) ) meeting. The "Muschelschubser" are the
nothern German part of "Die Hobbyschneiderin" which is a German sewing board.

Ute is coming too. She's a professional seamstress and a costum maker. She agreed to help me with my corset, so I prepared a little. (Check out her page btw, she makes so cool stuff! )

Here are my notions:

2 different widths of spiral boning plus small caps for the edges, so that the raw edges of the boning after cutting don't tear the fabric
gromets ( incl. washers -> please let me know the English word! )
a hopefully helpfull notion for making holes for the busk
a busk
crossgrain ribbon 1.5 cm wide ( 8 meter)
crossgrain ribbon 3 cm wide

This is all of the fabric I'll use

- the home dec fabric for the outer shell
- denim for stability and
- linen for the lining

I have deleted the pic of the cut out pattern in a moment of brainfreeze, so you'll get another cat pic instead ( yes, he is huge. Cookie is just 7 months old but weigths 3.7 kg but because he has Maine coon genes he might become as huge as this )

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Tany hat gesagt…

I can't wait to see your corsett done! This is something I would like to make too!