Mittwoch, Februar 28, 2007

NY NY Challenge

First teasers :)

Just one of us had finished

Vivienne Westwood inspired dress
It's a pdf-document

But she did not meet the rules, so she was "out" :) price-wise


Diary Diane Fuerstemberg skirt
here now the finished outfit

Diary of a screwed up pair of trousers
The story of too wide shoulders



Getting started with Emma Cook
Let it flow: the embellishments
Adam ( not finished yet)

See Adams first post about his project here

I'll add more links so check regularly and remember all of us love to get comments :)


Sew hat gesagt…

Upps - my diary is in german. :-/

I won´t have the time to write the text in english, but feel free to ask questions...

Tini hat gesagt…

KErstin, Charlotte is blogging in German too but I do blog in English ( could do bilingual but I'm a lazy girl) so I wrote my diary in English but your pics are soooooo cool

charlotte hat gesagt…

I'll try to bring a summary in english, but I don't think I have foreign readers.

what a cool lining, tini, I wish you could wear the trousers inside out, too.

looking forward to the making of the jacket. cool idea.

Tany hat gesagt…

I love the dress! Tini, your trousers are one of a kind! I love the lining!

charlotte hat gesagt…

don't know why, but I can't comment in chopsewy's blog. cool jacket, go to her blog and take a look!

charlotte hat gesagt…

you can read on in my blog, updated this morning. have a look.