Freitag, April 20, 2007

Gifts: given and gotten

Asa wrote to let me know, that the gift that I made for her cute son R. has arrived in Sweden and that it fits.

it's a burda pattern that have used a couple of times now and now to the gift I got in the mail yesterday

A KNITTING BAG from Chopsewy!!

yeaaahh... THANK YOU!!!


Annika hat gesagt…

Ohh isn't Rasmus a handsome guy? And he has his clothes made to fit, too! Nice knitting bag from Chopsewy! I'm jealous!

Isabelle hat gesagt…

Great gifts, both ways! Rasmus is cute in his new bunting bag. I should really get around to make one for my nephew!

chopsewy hat gesagt…

I'm glad you like it!
The sleepingbag you made is just adorable, as is Rasmus!

madhatter hat gesagt…

oh wie süß! der schlafsack ist toll - und die stricktasche der oberknaller! super :)

btw: ist "es" schon da?

Tini hat gesagt…

"es" ist noch nicht da, aber irgendwie ist bei unserer Post eh der wurm drin :(

Summerset hat gesagt…

Cute gifts and baby! I really love that bag - great colors!