Freitag, April 13, 2007

Kiwi on sunset: pic of the swatch

Chopsewy Sabine has gotten her wool and whiped up a swatch :)
I must admit, I still love that yarn! And I'm happy that Sabine loved it too :)

Here is the link to Sabines Blog and don't forget to leave a comment there about my great dyeing skills ;) and my weird sense of colour...

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Summerset hat gesagt…

Tini, your sense of color isn't weird! I actually like it. Many color experts say to throw in an opposite color type for contrast. For example if, you're working with warm colors (red, oranges, yellows), then throw in a cool color (blue, green, purple) for a little contrast. That little bit of green works perfectly as a contrast to the oranges and reds.