Sonntag, Mai 27, 2007

Finished objects: Elspeth & Pomatomus socks!

yeah! Both projects that I finished today were started during our trip to London to visit Frank,Anne, Aidan & Caitlin in March.
The wool and the rowan pattern were bought on a shopping spree with the very great Abi at Liberties. I did not cast this on until April but my Pomatomus socks were started there.
The yarn that I used is 75% superwash wool & 25% Polyamid and is called "Prego" and I bought it because of the colour. Unfortunately it is fuzzy and now that I got some socks in Wollmeise yarn from my not-so-secret-secret pal spoiler I really regret that I haven't used better yarn for this complicated pattern.

The yarn from Rowan on the other hand is great. It is 50% wool and 50% cotton and was great to work with.
The pattern itself isn't complicated BUT somehow it just did not click for me. It is a very short repeat but somehow I had a hard time to figure out the pattern with the decreases and increases and I'm too stupid to chart lace!
You can find the making of here ,here and here ( the last pic also shows the WIP on my potomoatoumous socks. Cookie A. if you ever read this: the name is horrible to remember! )

So after blogging Elspeth, one should think that all horrid things come to an end but NO... more problems! The crocheted edge...

But I fixed it and here it is! ( on my dress form because I do look horrible today!)

now to the "facts"
Pattern: Rowan mag no. 37 "Elspeth"
Yarn: Rowan Wool-Cotton 5.5 skeins ( balls?)
needles: circular bamboo needles size 4.5 to obtain gauge
size: M
started: around 21st of march, finished 27th of may

pattern:Pomatomus sock from Knitty by Cookie A.
size: 40 :)
Yarn: Prego - Möller Garne 50g ca 200meter. I used around 1.5 skeins
Started: Early march 2007 finished 27th of may 2007
needles: dpn 2.5

I'm also working on 2 projects for my spoilee :)
I finished one today but neglected the other one because of the pomatomus socks.
My spoilee send me a lovely lovely book but that will be another post tomorrow (one of my next project will be out of it AND the second next project will be socks for Annika! I dyed some wool over the weekend. I call it "Forbidden love" stay tuned!)


Anonym hat gesagt…

Excellent job fixing Elspeth! It looks fantastic! And the socks look great too. The extra nylon in there might help it last longer than 100%? Or maybe you'll just have to knit another pair! :)
--Your SP10 (keeping up pretenses that I'm still secret)

Tany hat gesagt…

Yay!! You did it! You fixed Elspeth! Socks are looking great too!

Annika hat gesagt…

Great fix on Elspeth! Perfect! Groovy socks, too! oooh, what does "forbidded love" look like?

madhatter hat gesagt…

todschick, und zwar beides.
wie hast du denn die gute elsbeth gefixed?

bin gespannt auf die wolle - verbotene liebe klingt nach rot und schwarz. *gg*

Tini hat gesagt…

Elspeth got fixed by ribbing it out and using different sized hooks (2.5 and 3.5 instead of size 4 hooks) as well as using a 3/4 ratio at the back. I did not add the ruffle ;) As soon as there is better weather we will head out to the shore (yes I DO live close to the baltic sea!) and take pics!
Forbidden love has different shades of red to it. Black did not work but very dark red instead. I'm currently bidding on a yarn winder at ebay! Wish me luck!

KayB hat gesagt…

Oh.. I love the socks!... and Elspeth looks really nice now!
Good Luck with the yarn winder!

Abi hat gesagt…

Great work all round Tini, nice to have two finished projects.Well done