Donnerstag, Mai 17, 2007

Holiday modus!

HI everyone,
today is a holiday here in Germany (Himmelfahrt) and so we all do have a day off...

I spent the evening yesterday playing KULT. A dark dark dark fantasy/horror roleplay and it was cool. I love to have magical abilities like superfast knitting :) not that that would help against evil forces. Beeing up late means I slept till 11 a.m. That is super seldom that I do that but I needed the sleep.

So after a late breakfast I went out in the garden to do some weeding and beeing half asleep I was really freaking out, when a guy from the next row of houses yelled at me, that it was FORBIDDEN to let the cats out when the birds were nesting. NO! It is not. We were begged to consider that the birds are nesting by the mayor of this village and so our cats are outside what, 5 hours A WEEK and have little bells at their collars.
We still yelled at me, that even people, who just moved in (! what JUST? I mean we moved in in august or so..) have to live by the rules.
I ensured him again, that our cats where wearing bells to warn the birdies and then decided to ignore him. Maybe I should have asked him to lower his voice because it was a holiday and therefore noise is forbidden.
End of story: I'm now freaking out because he is that kind of person, that would poison cats IMHO gnarf.

But our garden looks o.k. now and I went inside to get some work done.
I'm still working on gifts for my not-so-secret pal. One involes fabric but I haven't sewn a stitch yet on it! I hope she will like it.

Next were re-skeining the yarn for madhatter and then my DH had gave me a bunch of things to mend.

Elspeth is nearly done! yeah! I'm in the process of seaming it and then I do have to see if I can get that crocheted edge right.

I turned the heel on my potatoe sock and I'm working on the corset too.

Here's a proof

I hope to get some more sewing done on it this weekend ( next to the christening of my godchild-2-b, baking carrot cake for that, meeting my parents and preparing the bike shelter and the garden house for painting...


Anonym hat gesagt…

sounds like germany, everyone yelling at you for doing something and telling you it's illegal when it really isn't. geez, how rude of that guy! anyways, you're making so much progress on everything, how awesome! btw, i have a sneaking suspicion that you will accidentally find out who i am soon. very soon.
--your sp10

Tany hat gesagt…

You have been busy! I hope to get some sewing done during the weekend too!

KayBee hat gesagt…

Well, you'll always find people like him, hating everybody and anything. Best thing is to try to ignore him, not easy when getting yelled at, I know.
Looking forward seeing Elspeth finished!

Isabelle hat gesagt…

Funny, we have the same not-so-nice remarks here that we've just arrived in the building... What!? We've been there for more than two years!!

Have a lovely weekend! Hope you can get plenty of sewing done.

Summerset hat gesagt…


Are those embellishments on the corset or construction marks? I'm curious now, I hope we can see the final product soon!

Tini hat gesagt…

Summerset, these are the embellishments :) I used a motive from the stone ages! But I'm not completely satisfied with my work so far (sewingwise) so I might rip it out...

Marietta hat gesagt…

okay - i used to be a serious roleplayer myself - so i understand the not sleeping for days and wishing for super powers....those most of the games i played did not allow for speed knitting..too badi miss those catholic holidays - having all those long weeknds when i lived over there was so nice...of course i am on maternity leave now so not much working here anyway - cannot wait to see the finished elsbeth!