Sonntag, Mai 06, 2007

Knitting Stash: End of April and Yarn for sale!

Hi everybody,

I knitted a bit in April, so there is some sock yarn gone and some of the Rowan cotton-wool, that I'm using for Elspeth. In fact, there are just 2 balls left. I'm halfway thru the first sleeve and will show pics of my knitting soon.
I just bought 100gr of sock yarn this month and dyed it but it did not came out the way I wanted. Argh. I'll sell it to you if you like to have it! ( Details follow after the pics!)

So here is my End of April pic

compare this to the End of March pic:

It looks less but honestly, sooo much isn't gone because 2 of the skeins of sock wool for my current project have just been started, so there is not much knitted up of these WIP-yarns...

But coming to my sock yarn for sale:
It is this lovely colourway, that is called "icecream for the kids"
Dyed by me with German Food colourings. It is wool-polyamid or so
100gr. And I love to sell it for 7 Euro plus shipping, this way I just cover my costs.

Plus the other yarn that has the red arrow to it on the first pic is for sale.
It is an "Unikat-Designwolle" that I bought in a package but coral & green are not so really my colours. I sell it for 3 Euro plus shipping for the 100gr that I do have.


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