Montag, Mai 07, 2007

Rowan WIP Part 3 or so ( plus Potomototuotoatotmus socks)

Me again :)
I have promised to show the progress on Elspeth and on my potatoe socks ( o.k. Pomatomus socks) that I made while beeing with my Gran. I worked on my corset too but just very little because the weather was great :) and we spend so much time outside.

So here is Elspeth in all her so-far glory.
I finished the back and the 2 fronts! Plus one sleeve and I did cast on the second while watching Inspector Barnaby on tape tonight ( it is 10 Minutes to 10 p.m. now)

Here are the fronts whilst blocking

and the back

To be honest: except for the finished sleeve I have ripped every piece at least once.The fronts were ripped between 2 and 4 times and I stopped counted how often I re-did the back. The fronts aren't matching for reasons beyond me, but they will be as they are!

And I worked on my Pomatomus socks:

From one skein I made so much progress

and at the end of the evening I made some progress

I made also progress on my not-so-secret-pal-gift but THAT will remain a secret until June :)

The icecream for the kids-yarn is gone.
I think about opening an etsy-shop at some point but I will have to try out different dyes and get more try-out wool :)


Anonym hat gesagt…

Ooooh, everything is coming along nicely! Both projects are just beautiful! --Your SP10

madhatter hat gesagt…

wonderful colorway for your pomatomusses!
and i'm sure the elsdings will match after blocking...

as soon as you have your etsy shop i will place a custom for a goth-loli dye: pink and white with black! yay XD

KayBee hat gesagt…

oh... that elpeth is coming along well...can't wait to see it finished! absolutely cute!

elan hat gesagt…

I can't see much difference between the fronts, must be pretty small & may disappear when you sew up, lovely colour!

Abi hat gesagt…

Waiting (im)patiently to see the Rowan all sewn up.