Dienstag, Juni 12, 2007

Which pattern should be next (knitting)?


do you remember the silk/rayon yarn that I purchased recently?

I swatched it because I thought of making a simple knitted bodice (by stitchdiva )out of it but the gauge is completely off and it seems that the yarn has little stretch to it.

So I'm looking for other patterns but can't decide!
Which one do you like best?
1. Latoya by berroco
2. Badia by berroco
3. coachella from the new knitty
4. This jacket from Garnstudio
5. another cute little jacket by garnstudio

And this is me :)

Other suggestions are welcome!


iris-julimond hat gesagt…

hallo tini
eindeutig nr. 1 latoya für dich, obwohl die anderen auch schön sind, aber ich finde, das paßt am besten zu dir. pfiffiger schnitt.


Summerset hat gesagt…

I like nos. 1 and 5. I like the little cable detail on the first one, but I think the last one would be very pretty and sweet in the pink yarn. Guess I'm not much help!;)

Kerstin hat gesagt…

I would also prefer No. 1 oder 5.
4 is cute, but I think, it's too long for you.

madhatter hat gesagt…

4, definitely.
love the edges! ;)

Elemmaciltur hat gesagt…

I'd vote for No. 4.

The J hat gesagt…

You seem to be similar in build to me (although my shoulders are very sloping) - but I'm basing this on only one picture of you! I wouldn't look good in the first two patterns, since they are so 'square', they emphasize both my rectangular upper body, and also my wider hips. My favourite is #3, but any of the 3-5 would work.

And thanks for pointing out that the summer issue of Knitty is out! I really shouldn't have spent the last 20 minutes over there...