Montag, Juli 30, 2007

Forbidden love socks: done! *edited now with pics!*

Hi everybody,

while beeing in Stuttgart with my SIL over the weekend I finished the Hedera socks for Annika! YAY!
Since my pc will be on the way back home somewhen during this week and since dealing with pics on DHs pc is kind of annoying, I'll post pics soon when I have mine back!

Btw. it was no problem at all to get my bamboo dpn on to the Air Berlin plane! Just in case I used my oldest, cheapest pair of bamboo needles instead of my ebony needles or my rosewood needles.

After finishing them I instandly casted on a shawl from Victorian Lace today but after 6 repeats of Miss Lamberts shetland shawl it was obvious that I had managed to get a couple of mistakes into that little piece, that I ripped it all out and started another pattern with an easy diamond pattern. As usual I'm trying to use stash :) yay!

Btw. I decided to give my latoya top away, if anybody wants it, just leave a comment :)

Here are pics.
My feed are smaller than Annikas so the fit is uhm semiperfect on my feet.
I tried to make pics without flash but that means tripod and thus weird posture ;)

Started July 2007 and finished July 2007 (30th to be precise)
Yarn: Buttinette yarn that (70 % wool /30 % ) Polyamid or so that I dyed myself and that is called "forbidden love" now
I didn't use 100gr
Needlesize 3 to obtain gauge
Pattern: Hedera by Cookie A. to be found on knitty


madhatter hat gesagt…

bamboo needles... *noticed*
hoping for pics of the forbidden love socks soon!

(no need to throw me in the pot for latoya, i'm just about casting on something new & have isabella fixed...)

Tany hat gesagt…

Great pair of socks! Lovely!

Annika hat gesagt…

Oh! Oh! Oh! They are gorgeous! I can hardly wait! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you...