Donnerstag, Juli 05, 2007

June 2007 stash, an FO and a great toe

So, when does one can say, that he/she got the hang of a language? When he/she is making bad rhymes?


o.k. here comes my monthly confession. My yarn stash!

It has acutally not really grown much, some changes though!

Here is first this month pic

And this was last months stash-status:

The changes:
-The Prego sockyarn moved to a friends house, as a thank you for cat-sitting
- I got some Liza souza yarn... yeah!
- The forbidden-love yarn socks are started and I'm currently using the first skein/ball
- My SP10 pal Ms. B. from Knitters uncensored did send me some Regia cotton sock yarn, for which I already have a plan but no time
- I purchased the pink Gedifra Tiago (18 balls ) but already used up 4 balls
- Using my yarn winder, I wound up all sock yarn remnants into yarn cakes and took just 1 pic of it
- There is a lot less of the teal-Merino yarn, because I managed to knit up Tempting II in just one month!

Yesterday there was a new addition to my stash! My mum found some Lana grossa Yarn in her attic, that she had started to knit into a pullover, but never finished it, so now I'm the proud owner of around 900gr lovely dark purple 80% cotton/ 20% cashmere yarn! I just have to frog the pieces my mum has already knitted and try to get rid of the wrinkles and voilá new project wool!

My lace needle haven't arrived yet, so no working on the lace-shawl but Latoya is coming along well. The back is already finished and the front is coming along well. Here's a pic that I took thursday, since then I made a lot more progress and will start ond the cable at bust-level soon

So far I just have used 4 skeins. I think I'll need another project for the remaining 10-12 skeins....

But I promised you a finished object, so here it comes, my new t-shirt from the 04.2005 la mia boutique

As you can see I'll need to tweak the sleeves again... I have a somewhat small frame.
The fabric is a see-thru stretch-tulle, that I got in a private swap. The pattern is a kind of fake-wrap top esp. for stretch tulle, so there is a double layer at the bust and normally another at the waist but I did not have enough fabric for the double layer at the waist, so I skipped that. Covering my bra was more important ;)

I'll make this pattern again very soon. I already pulled some fabric out of my stash and will cut the second version this afternoon!

At least: It has to be summer soon, because I got the cutest pedicure on thursday!

I did send my laptop to be serviced yesterday :) I hope I'll get it back soon, because DH has no photoshop on his pc, so no new pics :)


Isabelle hat gesagt…

Wow, I love your top Tini! And your TOES! Awesome!

KayB hat gesagt…

What a cute top... suits you well as much as your toes! :)

Summerset hat gesagt…

That is one cute top! I love the back - very different.

Marietta hat gesagt…

the top is lovely - especially in that fabric
well done