Sonntag, Juli 22, 2007

Just finished Harry Potter (no spoiler!)

My HP came yesterday at 2.30 p.m. and I started reading right away.
The first 150 pages were finished till 6 p.m. when we had to start for my in-laws.
The remaining 450 pages were read today! (no appointments today)
And now I'm so totally exhausted. I laughed, I cried, I felt lost and another multitude of feelings while reading it.
I just can not believe, that it is over now. Somehow I still want to cry. I really like the book, I think it is way better than part 4-6.
Of course it is way darker than part 1-3.

And I should have put some bets into my guessings, that I had after reading part 6! I won't reveal more! But somehow I guess a lot of things right. A reason why some of my roleplay-masters hate me :) and my co-players (can you here me saying "I told you so" )


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Ups.. no spoilers! I'm sorry!

I've also finished it. I think, it has a really good ending, but it is very dark und threatening for a children's book.
And so many people died! *sob*