Samstag, August 11, 2007

Summerdress(es): Finally one done

o.k after a lot of procastination and fiddeling, I'm done with dress no. 1 and to be honest, I'm still not completely satisfied esp. with the sleeves and with the back of the dress

Here are some pictures
As usual: to enlarge the pic, click onto it :)

The pattern is a burda WOF pattern ( no. 107 from the 12/2004 issue )
Size used: 38, morphing into size 40 around the hips
Fabric: 100% linen, that I got at a coop sale (from Ressy ;) ) printed with wooden stamps from Blauweisschen this year, the lining is a rayon from my stash

As you might remember I made a couple of different alterations:

- I let out the seam that goes across the bustline and made a sway back alteration.
- I tried to modify the pattern for a high hip ( not enough as it seems)
- I altered the sleeve pattern to make room for my upper arms and took out a bit because it was puffy, now there are still weird wrinkles
- two darts were added to the back because of my sway back/full bootie ;)


ooh yes, I did add lining :) thought it might be sensible to line a linen dress :)

The dress is not perfect and it was a struggle to finish it for some reasons beyond my knowledge. I'm happy that it is finished and I will wear it despite the flaws! I hope to get my mojo back, now that it is done!


bockstark.knits hat gesagt…

WOW, it looks GREAT!!! It looks perfect to meeeee!

Summerset hat gesagt…

It turned out nicely! Don't worry about the imperfections - most of them only you will know about!

I do love the stamping and how the motifs get smaller as they travel up the skirt area!

KayB hat gesagt…

Well done, Tini and I second Summerset regarding the imperfections - only you will know about it.

madhatter hat gesagt…

also ich find's auch toll - und wenn du niemanden auf die fehler draufstößt, sieht das garantiert keiner. und vermutlich nichtmal dann...ich hab jedenfalls keinen gesehen :)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Anyone close enough to see the imperfections (other than maybe your hubby) should probably be slapped anyway! It looks delightful & summery. I'll echo the liking of the way the size of the stampings diminish as they climb. Looks great!

Andi in Georgia, USA