Sonntag, August 12, 2007

Wish me luck!

just a short note to let you know, that I'll be having my bi-anual check tomorrow at 2 p.m. ( o.k. I have my appointment at 2 p.m. but last time I had to wait for 4 hrs...)
I think I'll get quiet a bunch done on my Victorian lace scarf. I just downloaded episode 6 from Knitters uncensored ( go listen). I'm as prepared as I can be :)

The following week I'll have an interview, where the docs will try to figure out how high the chances are, that breast cancer runs in my family, so my mum, my sister and I will go there and if there is a higher chance, we will get genetests, so that my mum and my sister might get the same check-up schedule that I have, so detect a possible cancer very early. I think, that that is the best thing to do :)

o.k. and all of you, go get yourself check regularly! Mammograms don't hurt that much (in comparsion with chemo, it is a joke, really!) and sonograms are completely hurt-free!!!

Make an appointment!!!!


bockstark.knits hat gesagt…

Good luck! I will keep my fingers crossed that everything will be ok for you and your family!

Robin hat gesagt…

All the best to you Tini.
You deserve a break from all you have been through. You are right about breast exams and mammograms.