Montag, September 10, 2007

It's autumn...really!

Hi everybody,

it is autumn, there is no other way to say it! Yesterday is was great weather outside and DH and I were working in the garden the whole day ( as well as the day before yesterday). A lot of planting, remodelling the ground, digging out bushes, sowing gras and painting was done the last two days. Unfortunately it rained today so we couldn't finishing the painting things. I'm just happy, that I was able to finish painting the garden shed!

Since I had to be inside the whole day today I started my autumn work householdwise.
Makeing jam :) Todays taste: Pear-Cinnamon with a hint of Cognac

oooh, I just saw, that I'm nominated a "Rocking girl blogger" by Summerset! Thank you!!! I'll have to think about, whom to nominate.

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Annika hat gesagt…

Ohhh pear jam..........mmmmmm.....