Mittwoch, Oktober 08, 2008

yarn p*rn

Hi everybody,

so I took a few days off from work (since we do have 30 days off each year and since I even have more beeing disabled that is pretty easy to do) and we visited our friends in the UK. I'll show pictures soon but I managed to fetch a cold AGAIN and I'm feeling kind of tired, so I'll just show you the pictures of my latest stash enhancements (from oldest to newest = stuff bought in the UK..) It's a lot, so there will be a lot of pictures!

Wollatelier Schlawin " Summerfeeling" supposed to be a true prussian blue but it's more a very dark grey/nearly black
55% Cotton,45% Acryl, 10% Elitè (Elasthan)

Tausendschön Sockyarn, 100gr in colour 579, got it in a ravelry swap, so there's been destashing too!

Wollmeise "Hollerstaud'n" from the Wollmeise sock club. The Buxkranz'l colourway moved to Ireland to be knitted up by Carina.

ggh cumba
GGH cumba, just 1 skein to make a swatch for the textured tunic! From Wollsucht in Flensburg.

500gr Zitron "Nimbus" for the sunrise circle jacket! Also from Wollsucht in Flensburg

Araucania sock yarn, bought in Leighton Buzzard this monday!
pure merino
Pure merino by James C. Brett also bought in Leighton Buzzard. 10 skeins for another sweater!

I did knit a bit in the UK. Working on some plain vanilla, ugly, toe-up socks for my Dad. His birthday is coming up in december and I had his "manly" 6-ply sock yarn in my stash, so it's a quick knit. I nearly finished the 1.5 socks during the last 4 days but boy, the yarn is so ugly knit up. The only good thing is, that Dad will not mind since those will be for working in the forest!
And I managed to knit a couple of patternrepeats on DHs pullover! Yay! He likes it!


nosupermom hat gesagt…

Very nice!

Send it here :D

bockstark.knits hat gesagt…

wow, that's a lot of pretty yarn!!!

KayB hat gesagt…

Nice yarn.... have to agree, especially the Tausendschoen!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hallo Tini,

das paßt jetzt nicht ganz zum Blogeintrag, aber ich konnte keine Emailadresse finden unter der ich dich kontaktieren kann. Ich hätte da nämlich eine Frage, bei der du mir vielleicht weiterhelfen kannst. Ich wollte mir Röcke aus Wollstoffen nähen und mir wurde zu meinem Entsetzen mitgeteilt, daß man die Stoffe reinigen lassen muss. Angeblich geht auch kalter Wollwaschgang nicht. Mir ist jetzt nicht klar wie ernst man das nehmen soll. Hast du vielleicht irgendwelche Erfahrungen damit?

Viele GRüße,

S. hat gesagt…

Pretty, pretty yarn!!