Sonntag, November 29, 2009


Hi there,

last week was week from hell workwise! I'm "on loan" in a new group of our department and they are really short on people. The work I'm doing there is related to my usual job in a lot of ways but still different (more like the job I had before changing employers 4 yrs ago). So it's tons of extra hours at the moment. From tuesday till friday my timecount went up by 5 hrs.

So once at home I mostly feel like spinning at the moment, which calms me down a lot. I need to take pictures though. So far I like, what I'm producing! Soft merino yarn, that will be a cardigan at some point, but I think I need more than the 350gr I produced so far.

Surfing the interwebs I came across this video! It's H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S!
Have fun!

P.S: will take pictures soon but need to decorate the house first! Today it's the first advent, so the christmas deco has to be put up!


nowaks nähkästchen hat gesagt…

Gaanz ruhig, es heißt Weihnachtsdeko und Weihnachten ist am 24.12. :)

(Das sagt jemand der gestern Abend festgestellt hat, daß wir deswegen jahrelang keinen Adventskranz sondern nur einen Teller mit Kerzen und Grünzeug hatten, weil alles Dekomaterial für den Kranz so verrottet war, daß es weggeworfen werden mußte. Und außer den Kerzen und den Kerzentellern nichts da war. Nicht mal mehr Schleifenbänder. Zum Glück waren noch Zimtstangen und Walnüsse in der Küche... *g*)

Und überhaupt ist die Adventszeit kirchlicherseits eine Fastenzeit... und so...

Sigrid hat gesagt…

Thanks for sharing this video.
You are really doing a lot of knitting, nice projects.
It was so nice to see you in Paris, it was such a great weekend. I often think about it. Hope there will be another one next year and certainly hope to see you again.

alala hat gesagt…

Oh right, I saw that video! It was hilarious, but I've forgotten where I ran across it. Thanks for reposting it! I laughed again.