Samstag, Dezember 12, 2009

you spin my head right round :)

like a spinning wheel right round, round, round.

or something along that line :)

See, another post within 2 weeks! whoo hoo! Work is still pretty pretty exhausting with tons of working over time. Thus my major spare time activity is spinning at the moment (and knitting on the bus. I finished my dads socks IN TIME. another woo hoo)

So, this is the roving Annika gave me in Paris:

On the bobbin the the spun single, the fluffy stuff is the pre-drafted roving and the thick thing in the back is the undrafted roving :) What a difference drafting makes!

I'm really getting the hang of this spinning thing :) I started my first real project out my own handspun. This is part of the yarn I made for the cardigan:

The pattern will be a variation of the february lady sweater :) but without the lace, since there will be stripes, a lot of stripes :)


Che Birba hat gesagt…

Hi, I'm Laura from Italy! I have a blog and I'd wrote a post where is cited also your blog:

I'd like to invite you to visite my italian blog, bye bye Laura!

Annika hat gesagt…

Whoa! You made gold out of that roving! Amazing. I am now officially hooked on learning to spin. And I have just started on knitting my first pair of socks in quite a long time...tsk! tsk! You are a baaaaaddddd influence, young lady!

madhatter hat gesagt…

du fleißiges bienchen! :)

bin ja gespannt auf deinen "fls mal anders"!

Susan hat gesagt…

My housemate just started spinning recently and is hooked! Great colors for the February sweater.