Sonntag, April 25, 2010

Preparing for the twins

Hi everybody,

I found a way to get the pictures from my camera onto DHs PC (our friend will set up the laptop for me, since last time I installed programms I had tons of extra programms on my pc, that I don't need like the photoeditor, that came with my camera and I don't need that, since I have photoshop).

So, during our "vacation" ( I was ill, so I don't count that as having had really vacation) Heiko painted his former office:

Since I was pretty crappy, I forgot to take "after" pictures but Heiko took one of Greebo inspecting one of the new baby beds:
The colour is called "honey" but I'd say it is more of a papaya or mango, isn't it? I still like it but the colour chip at the home depot store looked waaaay different. We bought some more furniture last week but Heiko isn't at home this weekend and you need two to assamble the stuff. (Plus my back is killing me again. I still feel as if I have a biiiig bruise at my lower right ribs)

Another thing I did during our vacation was to dye some yarn for baby blanket no. 2:

This is the undyed yarn. It's a wool-bamboo blend (superwash). That I skeined and tied up midway since I wanted to dye the skein 50/50 (or around that) in two different colours.

First I let one half of the yarn soak in a water-vinegar mixture. I added a few drops of washing-liquid.

I then dyed one half yellow and totally forgot to take a picture of it (but I did with the orange :) ). After letting it cool down for a while (although superwash I did not dare to handle it earlier since I feared, it would felt!) I let the second half soak in the water-vinegar mix.

This is the second colour :) I used some never used cuttlery to drape the first half (still wet) of the yarn over it and let the second "half" hang into my dye.

The final (still wet) yarn looked like this and I promise (now, that I know, how this works with DH pc) to take pictures of the dryed yarn today!

And of my FOs and my WIPs (but those only if DH is home before my guests arrive) I hope, you liked my little tutorial


frauschlamuser hat gesagt…

Looks great! But I'd like to know what you do with the water-pistol is your kitchen! :-)

Whom do you chase away with it? Heiko or the cat? :-)

Louise hat gesagt…

Schöne warme Farbe- Mango passt als Bezeichnung aber wirklich eher als Honig...
Das mit diesen Farbproben-Fitzel-Zettelchen kenne ich zu Genüge... Warte mal ab, bis Du unser Schlafzimmer siehst *g* Da habe ich erstmal einen Schreck bekomme, als es auf den Wänden war. Ist halt ein Unterschied, ob eine Fläche von 4x6cm oder ein ganzer Raum in der Farbe erstrahlt

Mary Beth hat gesagt…

Love the colors of the yarn and the walls in the babies' room, too. I hope the aches and pains pass soon and you have smooth sailing to your delivery!

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Ein richtig schön sonniges Zimmer! Ob das Honig oder Mango ist, Siegfried und Roy wird das erst mal ziemlich egal sein. ;)

Das mit der Wasserpistole würde mich jetzt aber auch interessieren!

Household Relocation services hat gesagt…

The blanket would definitely look wonderful with those dyed yarn.