Samstag, Mai 22, 2010

just 11 weeks to go

or more likely 7 weeks :)

Life has been busy here the last few weeks and days. I had my last day of work yesterday, so I tried to get as much done as possible there and was pretty exhausted in the evenings. By law every mother is granted a period of 6 week before the estimated due date and a 8 weeks period after the delivery at full payment (the health insurance -mandatory in Germany- pays part of it and part of it is payed by the employer. And I also had 5 weeks of vacation left for this year, so I was able to leave yesterday (I'm going on a seminar for 3 days from work in June but other than that, I can relax at home)

If been to a flea-market just for baby stuff and got some more onsies and rompers as well as a uhm "chair" where you can lay the baby into and feed it and it dips up and down, so it might calm the baby too.

We (meaning Heiko) assembled a closet and a drawer for the babies room and I need to abrade the wooden changing station that my sister had in her attic before we can install that :)

I have to admit, that slowly things are getting exhausting. I gained around 15kg so far (I hope, that it is mostly twins + water ;) ) and my tummycircumfence is at 109.5 cm (so that is 45 cm more than before the pregnancy). I think, that explains, why I'm so exhausted in the evenings (and I have a couple of more cm to gain in the next few weeks, since the twins had to develop their vital parts first and now they gain weight. I'm so happy, that I made it this far without major problems!) and why my sleep is so unsteady (turning around in bed means waking up ;) )

As for fiber arts:

I'm still working on baby blanket no.2. I'm at skein 8 of 12 and I'm ready to poke my eyes out with my knitting needles ;) I think I will finish knitting the 8th ball and start the edging then, just to be sure, that I have enough yarn for the edging.

I haven't knitted a stitch on my socks. My feet are swollen like a ballon in the evenings and so the socks won't fit if I try them on, so discouraging. And I want to get the blanket done ;)


I have a finished top but it is in the laundry basket (plus I don't like the fit of it. I promise I will show it to you once it is washed and ironed!) I have another shirt (pattern like my recent review) cut out and will sew it soon, since I need short sleeved shirts for summer. I just was lucky, that the weather as so cold the last few months ;)


I finished spinning some space-dyed roving, that Heiko gave me for christmas. It's plyed and dry -> just need to take pictures. Will do that soon!

O.k. enough for this update :) Hope to be back soon, now that I have tons of time LOL (need to blog now, before I have 2 wee babies to care for here)


karin hat gesagt…

Good to hear that you´re not going to work any more before twins. You are probably going to need the advantage of taking the days as they come. Take care!

Summerset hat gesagt…

Wow - is that all? You're doing great. You are right to get some rest before the babies arrive.

KayB hat gesagt…

Can't believe how quickly that went.... your off work already. Well, probably everybody will tell you to relax and do the things you love most, time is getting tight after the babies arrive :-), especially if you have two. So, enjoy!