Montag, Juni 14, 2010

Sheepshearing at Arche Warder

Good morning readers,

sorry, that I was absent again for quiet a while. I wasn't feeling very well the last few days and sleeping was the best way to cope. As DH remarked: if you don't feel like knitting, it must be bad. So nearly no knitting got done here and even less sewing. The babyblanket no. 2 is blocking and I promise to take pictures as soon as I'm able to.

But first I want to tell you about the sheepshearing at the Arche Warder. The Arche Warder is a "zoo" for old breeds of farm animals ranging from donkey to pigs, from geese to goats. Most of the breeds are near to extiction.

On May 30th was the annual sheepshearing day and since I knew, they would be selling fleeces I had to go, even though the weather was a little "unstable" and I was already looking like a whale. (the fleece per sheep was 5 Euro....)

So we got there around noonish and the shearer was already at work:

The sheep are not bred for the fleeces as you can see, so if you buy fleeces, you will get a lot of vegetable matter.

I knew I wanted a Jacob sheep fleece and this is the lady, who provided it. I was able to choose "my" sheep:

Benita, the lady I took a spinning class with, also suggested a Moorschnucke (white polled heath) So I got a fleece from one of those too. But before "my" ewes were shorn it was lunchtime and Heiko and I went for a walk in the "zoo". Unfortunately my batteries were pretty low, so here are just a few of the impressions:

Little piglets (and no, those are no boars)

A stone age settlement (no re-enactors though at the weekend of the sheepshearing...)

Finally it was the turn of my sheep to be shorn (I just took pictures of the Jacob)

I decided to process half of the Moorschnucke myself (bad idea, the jacob fleece had much less VM in it and less lanolin...) and sent the rest away to be processed.

Unfortunately I have to lay down a lot (just talked to my midwife, it seems that I have early contractions again and not false labour as I thought...) so spinning will have to wait...


Summerset hat gesagt…

Looks like a fun day. It was nice that you could get out and enjoy it.

Annika deGroot hat gesagt…

It does sound like a fun day, but probably a bit...stinky. I once got several pounds worth of Icelandic sheep wool freshly shorn and it smelled very....sheepy. I scoured and carded it and had to send it off to be spun! But the yarn that came back was heavenly.