Donnerstag, Juli 29, 2010


Good morning readers,

after a pretty short night, here a short post :) I don't have time to write emails regularly since we don't have wifi here and beeing able to sit in our office and write for some time is scarce. I try to rest when the babies rest or Heiko is taking his turn. Mostly I just want to read or knit (a tiny bit. I'm working on socks for my midwife. She is just great!).

So instead of writing 216548 emails, I'd like to show some of the gifts I got. (I got a great great great great quilt too, but I need to take pictures of it with good light and it deserves a post of it's own!)

Sushi knitted some great BSJs for the girls ( I won't use their real names here, email me for the real names :) ) Aren't they cute!

Maria made some really nice hats (traditional Danish pattern) and also send me some chick-knit-novels. Great for my sleep deprived brain! Thank you!

Yesterday a parcel from Gewändertruhe-Louise arrived. In it a cute Shawn the sheep card, a lovely letter that made me cry and two Fant-Friends for our girls. Of course E adopted "Ele"!
Thank you for your nice gifts, my dear friends and everybody else: thank you for your nice comments and emails. It's great to know, that people care!



nowaks nähkästchen hat gesagt…

I love to see the gifts, so I prefer you showing tham in the blog anyhow. ;-)

(You might not know, but the names have been published already... very pretty names... you want me to remove them?)

(It was not me who published them.)

Tany hat gesagt…

Congratulations Tini, they look wonderful!!!!

alala hat gesagt…

Adorable. I've got something for the babies too, but it's back in the Netherlands. I'll drop it in the mail as soon as I get home.

Now go kiss those babies for me!

mem hat gesagt…

Oh its lovely to see them . I have a photo of my older son holding his twin brothers a few min after they were born . It makes me smile every time I see it . Be happy and enjoy them .I will look forward to see ing them as they grow. Marianne in Australia.

sheila hat gesagt…

A much belated congrats!!!!Lucky, lucky, lucky you (tho' you might be a little too exhausted to appreciate this at the moment). It just gets better1
From Sheila (PR Paris and mother of 3- all grown up unfortunately!!!!)

Isabelle hat gesagt…

I am so happy for you Tini!! The babies are adorable. I hope you guys are coping with everything.

I found your email (with your address) in my spam folder just before I left for Northern France, so I couldn't prepare the package before I left. Something you can look forward to in a few weeks :)

Hope you are all doing fine!!