Mittwoch, September 29, 2010


Hi everybody,

I'm using the chance, that the twins are both asleep at the same time (does not happen often during the day and in the evening I'm just too tired to blog), to blog.

Things are getting better around here every day, might be, that I get used to the living with two twins, that need constant attention, might be my medication or the fact, that the twins have one turn at night, where they sleep between 3 and 4 hours after the last meal. So I get some more sleep too (still too little, but I take what I can get ;) )

I'm pretty overwhelmed with the generousity of you fellow knitters and sewists. THe twins have received so many lovely gifts. There are a couple I haven't shown, so I play a little catch up:

Anna made the twins lovely jackets with matching hats and socks. The socks are already too small and I manage to mess up every picture of the hats...

In the parcel were some sugar covered aniseed treats and some rusk. It seems that this is something that you eat in the Netherlands, if a child is born. I really like it but I like the tast of aniseed anyway (and it helps the baby if you are breastfeeding with the digestion...)

Isabelle send me a nice pattern book from Phildar with babypatterns (I need to finish my current WIPs before I move on to knitting for the babies though) and some lovely yarn:

I haven't taken a picture of the patternmagazine though...

made the twins some cool hooded towels: (sorry for the lame picture...)

The twins really like them, they are used every week, when the kids take their bath :)

Asa made two lovely blankets with the cutest hippo-print on one side and some blue velour on the other side. The blankets are the perfect match to our stroller :) But somehow I managed to blur every picture again :( I will post one soon (the batteries are recharging at the moment)

also sewed for the twins:
The bunting bags are waaaaay too big but the twins will grow into them I guess :) And better too big than too small ;)

went to Knit Nation in London, since I had the twins in July I had to cancel my trip but Sarah send me a lovely gift! I got some yarn, a signed copy of "The knitters book of wool" and some cool tote bags. Unfortunately I can't participate next year again :( It will be the twins first birthday and I guess, I should not miss that!

I have also been buying tons of yarn. I'm a little afraid to count my yardage at the beginning of October since there were 18 skeins of yarn last week alone (Sale at Aldi... I want to make a sweater for Heiko) but I will I guess anyway. I need to go cold sheep!

Parting shot:
Everything is in balance sometimes


pretty ´n pink hat gesagt…

Liebe Tini,
wie guuut zu lesen, dass es ein kleines bisschen leichter wird! Ich freue mich sehr! Herzlichen Glückwunsch nochmal zu Deinen bezaubernden Zwillingen und den unglaublichen Geschenken - es macht Spaß, sich alles anzusehen - selbst aus der Ferne ist das überwältigend.

Alles Liebe weiterhin!

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Das letzte Bild sieht ja nach einer perfekten Konstellation aus. Baby satt und zufrieden und Baby fast satt und zufrieden. ;)

Die Schlafsäcke sehen wirklich riesig aus, aber ich wette, sie passen schneller, als du denkst. Ich hoffe, sie sind groß genug, den ersten Winter zu überstehen!

Isabelle hat gesagt…

Oh, that picture of the 3 of you is priceless!!

karin hat gesagt…

You look great! all three of you!

bockstark.knits hat gesagt…

awww, i love that shot of you with the girls!!

BrusselsSprout_Katharine hat gesagt…

Lovely to hear from your friends! And look at those three girls together--mother, daughter and daughter.