Sonntag, Oktober 17, 2010


Hi there,

life is pretty busy around here. The twins were ill (just a cold) and ate very badly (they aren't good eaters in the first place), which totally stressed me out. Let's just say, that there was a lot of crying on my side involved.... And to be honest, I'm not thru it yet. At least the kids are back to their old level of eating, which is good I guess.

So, again no sewing at casa tini but in the two hours I have every evening, after the kids are in bed (during the day, they tend to sleep at different times and if they are both asleep I try to eat or do some chores like laundry or just taking a shower...) I manage to get a bit of knitting done.

First: Leftover socks for me

pattern: Upstream Master Pattern from Cat Bordhi's "New pathway for sockknitters" I'm in the process of knitting each of Cat's sockitechtures :) So far I made 5 different socks from the book. That makes it the book from which I knit the most patterns so far.
yarn: odds and ends from my stash
needles 2,5mm metal circs from Knitpicks/Knitpro
I really like the way the socks are constructed. They fit my fit really really well, so I guess I will knit more upstream socks

I also completed another project with my handspun.

Pattern: an Unoriginal hat by the yarn harlot (free pattern :) )

(the second picture does show the colour of the yarn better. My husband is not really fond of my camera...)

yarn: My own handspun, held double to get gauge.
needles: 7mm ciruclars but not from Knitpro or Addi turbo. They were so blunt, that it was a real pita to knit the hat. So annoying, that I ordered a big set of Knitpro needles :)

I'm currently working on a shrug but I don't have a picture to show yet.


Nähenswert hat gesagt…

Hallo Tini,
schön das es den beiden wieder besser geht :-) wenn ich das in meinem rudimentären Englisch richtig verstanden habe *grins*. Könnte eine Übersetzungshife im Taschenbuch von Frau Butler :-) brauchen. Können wir mal nach den Ferien bei einem Tee ansehen :-)


Lara900 hat gesagt…

Hallo Tini,
super, dass Du Zeit zum Stricken findest! -- ich arbeite noch an der beruehmten Work-life-balance hier. Irgendwie ist das gar nicht einfach, finde ich, ganz grundsaetzlcih, das gut hinzukriegen, und nach dem Umzug ist es halt alles total durcheinander. Also weiterhin am Gucken, wie das am besten passt. -- Aber ich habe eine Pfaff Naehmaschine und bin damit schon ganz happy. Bisher hab ich aber seit April, seit dem Umzug, kein einziges STrickstueck fertiggestellt.

Dir alles LIebe!!! Die Muetze find ich schick, uebrigens!

Lara, in BC

Annika hat gesagt…

Beautiful socks! Beautiful hat! You are amazing, as usual.

Valerie hat gesagt…

Love your unoriginal hat. I might even give it a try!

Summerset hat gesagt…

Glad the twins are feeling better and things are getting back to how they were.

You've made some nice things! It is good that you have a couple of hours for yourself everyday. Taking care of two babies is hard work and being able to knit just a little bit is good for you.

pretty ´n pink hat gesagt…

Oh, wie schön, von Dir zu lesen, liebe Tini!
Wie gut, dass Du Dir die Zeit zum Stricken nimmst!!!
Die Socken sind ganz wunderbar und die Mütze steht Dir hervorragend! Schickes Foto ;) btw
Alles Liebe

KayB hat gesagt…

Cute socks, Tini. Good to hear that the twins are on the up again and you find some (very little) time for yourself.

BrusselsSprout_Katharine hat gesagt…

You get two hours every night? I haven't had that yet!
Sorry your duaghters were sick, it's hard when those little noses get stuffed up and they feel yucky. :( M was sick her first two weeks at the crèche but has been ok this week.