Freitag, November 26, 2010


Boy, I'm so tired.
The wee ones are ill and that is pretty exhausting for me too....

I finished something but I can't show it, since it is a gift for a swap partner. I will post a picture a soon as the swap is over. So now I can work on my shrug again.

I have cut out 2 pinafore dresses for the twins and I hope to sew them up this weekend.

Be back soon :)


pretty ´n pink hat gesagt…

Hi Tini,
ach, Du arme - dann drücke ich mal die Daumen für ein paar erholsame Minütchen an diesem Wochenende... Gute Besserung den wee´s!

Alles Liebe
von Deiner Anja

Susanne hat gesagt…

Hope you'll be able to get some more rest soon. And that the girls get better soon as well.

BrusselsSprout_Katharine hat gesagt…

At least you're sewing and knitting again! With twins!

Anonym hat gesagt…

i ran across your blog today and noticed you were from Schleswig-Holstein Germany I grew up in Holstein, Iowa and the town a few miles away was Schleswig, Iowa The people who immigrated from your town to the United States settled in these 2 towns about 150 years ago. just thought it was interesting to share. Happy sewing!