Dienstag, Dezember 14, 2010


Hi there,

finally we got around to take some pictures of my latest finished knitted garment (I also finished sewing the dresses for the twins but no pictures of them yet. They will wear the dresses on christmas, so I will take pictures then. It's just too much hassle to dress them in the dresses just for taking pictures. Plus I need DH to hold the twins then...)

So here it is (please note, that I managed to get a new hair cut and dyed my hair. I'm pretty proud of that :))

(and yes, I did gain a bit of weight. I blame it on the meds I'm taking that I crave sweets all the time.... but others gained like 15kg in 2 weeks. I gained 3 in 5 months...)

Here's also the back. My husband does obviously not notice if the collar is wonky, when he takes pictures... go figure...)

Pattern: Textured circle shrug by Stephanie Japel
It's available for free at the lion brand homepage, you just have to sign up for it. There's also an archived KAL, which helped me a lot since there were quiet a few bits in the pattern that I did not get
Yarn: Zitron Nimbus. The yarn is a single spun yarn and it already pills. It also has developed a felted look just by knitting with it. I don't think I will use this yarn again..

I lengthend the sleeves a bit but that is all I changed intentionally. I ran out of yarn after fewer rows of seed stitch but the collar is still wide enough IMHO.

Overall I really like the shrug and I can recommend the pattern, if you use the KAL archives :)


yasmin hat gesagt…

love(1) :)

You look beautiful and I really like the new hair colour!

Mary Beth hat gesagt…

Your new sweater is beautiful and you look gorgeous!

Iris-Julimond hat gesagt…

Dein Shrug sieht klasse aus, liebe Tini.
Bis ich wieder größere Teile stricke, das kann dauern. Da liegen viele Kilos dazwischen ;-))

Ich wünsche dir eine gute Zeit


deknit hat gesagt…

Sieht alles super aus, Du, mit der neuen Frisur und der Shrug!
Wünsche euch eine schöne Vorweihnachtszeit

Summerset hat gesagt…

Lovely sweater! You look very nice! It is good to get your hair done, it is such a treat when you are so busy taking care of the little ones. You need a little time for you and it looks like you've used your time to make something pretty.

Isabelle hat gesagt…

I'm so glad you managed to make something for yourself, AND to treat yourself to a haircut and dye! As I told you on Ravelry, you look gorgeous. I couldn't say that you've gained weight - you simply look radiant!

Tany hat gesagt…

That's a gorgeous shrug and you look beautiful!
Hugs from Portugal (It's freezing here (minus 3º when I left home) but I guess it's not as cold as it is in Germany, right?!)

karin hat gesagt…

You look healthy Tini and I hope that you feel so.
The shrug is great The husband not notised is so fun I once sewed a dress to wear at a wedding, the bodice was kind of wrapped and the skirt was on bias and I did not own my hem measure thing. My the "husband" looked and said the hem was even....later I saw the pictures from that wedding and let´s hope that everybody else had his eyes.....

BrusselsSprout_Katharine hat gesagt…

It's beautiful, and I love your new coiffure! You look good.

3kids - Rita hat gesagt…

schönes Teil!!!