Samstag, Dezember 11, 2010


Hey everybody,

how are you doing? I still have sick kids here, although little M. is getting better and weekends are usually better since I'm not home alone with the kids. Plus the snow is melting, so I can get outside again (meaning that the kids are asleep in the stroller and I can listen to audiobooks or podcasts = "me time" ).

I participated in a swap on ravelry. Inspired by Summersets socks I knitted my swap partner a pair of Pyroclastic socks from handdyed sockyarn, dyed by yours truly

Pattern: Pyroclastic from Knitty, Winter 09

My gauge was off, so I used the numbers for a small size but got socks that fit a size 39 very well.

The pattern on the leg of the sock biases quiet a bit. I'm not sure if I would use that patttern again for the leg but change it to another pattern. The fit on the foot is great! The arch shaping is really clever.

I think this pattern is really a winner!


Summerset hat gesagt…

The look great in your hand dyed yarn! Mine twist too, and I really liked the foot part.

Maria hat gesagt…

Lovely socks!
I hope the kids are getting completely well real soon!
Hugs ansd love!