Montag, Januar 03, 2011

The 1st annual christmas dress

Inspired by Summerset, who makes her daugther a new outfit for christmas every year, I decided, that I would do the same for the twins.

My Dad turned 60 in December and my FILs birthday is today, so I figured out, that a dress would be nice for the twins. And to be honest I did not want to spend 40 Euro on dresses, the two are going to wear 5-10 times before they grow out of them.

This December has been really really cold here, so I figured out, a pinafore dress, that can be worn over tights and trousers would be the best. SInce I do own quiet a few ottobre kids magazines, I knew, that there would be something in there plus I had some pink embroidered corduroy in my stash.

And surely I found a pattern in the winter 2003 issue of ottobre. It's a very simple pinafore dress with only 4 pattern pieces (Pattern no. 5). I've made some ottobre patterns so far and all of them did run large, so I cut a size 62 while omitted adding seam allowance to the side seams and sewed the front and back together with a 0.6 cm s.a.. For additional warmth I underlined the whole pinafore with cotton flanell.

All in all the sewing went without major problems. I didn't follow the instructions though and had to fiddle with the shoulder seams since I forgot to leave an opening at the side of the straps... Oh my... it's been some times since I last sewed something like that...

The dresses fit well and came out cute. Sorry for the crappy picture, it was taken on Christmas Day after the kids were entertained by various family members the whole time and were cranky at the end of the day...


Nähenswert hat gesagt…

Sehr sehr hübsch geworden liebe Tini.
Frohes, gesundes und glückliches neues Jahr wünsche ich Euch 4 en.


pretty ´n pink hat gesagt…

Liebe Tini,
roooooooooooooosaaaaaaaa - ist immer noch meine Lieblingsfarbe, mich darfst Du also nicht fragen, wie toll ich diese entzückenden Kleidchen finde... :)
Alles Liebe für Euch vier!
Liebe Grüße

Summerset hat gesagt…

Oh, they look so cute! It is nice to make a little something special for the holidays. You were right to make something that could be layered with other clothes to keep the girls warmer.

mem hat gesagt…

hello Tini . The girls look lovely . I am glad that 2010 is over too . I have had a tough year . One of my twins has had a very bad period with depression but he is getting better and will go back to school this year. The thing about motherhood is that it never stops does it ?. I am glad you are feeling better. My tante Inge has said that it is so very cold in Schleswig Holstein and she is very frustrated at not being able to get out and visit people. Here in Austrlia we ae having huge floods . The flooded area is bigger than France and Germany combined!! Here is to great 2011 or at least the grace and energy to deal with whatever happens with style and applomb!!

BrusselsSprout_Katharine hat gesagt…

What a lovely tradition to begin.

Tany hat gesagt…

They look wonderful in their new dresses!!